Working with our APIs

What is Stepes?

Stepes is an on-demand mobile translation service powered by human translators from around the world. In today’s rapidly growing global digital economy, businesses need a fast and scalable translation solution to achieve international success and grow revenue worldwide. Mobile translation solutions provide unrivaled speed, flexibility, and scale that companies increasingly rely on to efficiently conduct global business operations.

What do Stepes APIs do?

Stepes APIs allow 3rd party companies to make Stepes on-demand and real-time human translations services available for their own software applications and products. Companies use Stepes APIs to build mobile apps and cloud platforms that send content for on-demand translations and receive translated results back in real time through their own software application. This provides a transparent and seamless user experience for the end customer who only interfaces with your own software applications. For example, a customer support application can use Stepes APIs to provide real time translation of questions and answers, allowing representatives to conduct international customer service.

How do I get started?

To start, you must sign up for a Stepes developer account. This will grant you access to an API Key in order to try Stepes API features. If you’re already signed in, visit our Try Out Console, choose an API feature, type in a site and click in the UserKey field to reveal it. For more information, read how to use your UserKey in our Test Console.

I signed up but I can’t find my API Key?

Once signed in, click on any API Key field in our Test Console to reveal it. Additionally, you can find the API key it in your developer account’s dashboard.

How do I use Stepes APIs?

Each Stepes API has a description explaining its purpose and functions it performs. There are also examples to make implementation easy for you.

Do I need a different UserKey to try different APIs?

No. You only need one master UserKey which is automatically generated for your account, free or paid, for all API calls.

Can you help me implement the API?

Yes, we have experienced programmers to implement Stepes API for you based on a pre-agreed cost estimate. The cost is dependent on the nature of your application platform.

Can we use your mobile translation APIs in our own mobile apps?

Yes. You can code your apps to call the Stepes APIs which will send text for translation and then receive the translated results back.

Can you provide a custom API or a custom report?

Stepes can provide custom APIs upon your request. Please contact us for further details.


What is the cost of using Stepes APIs?

The implementation of Stepes APIs is free of charge. However, actual translation services via these APIs will be charged a per word rate depending on the language specifications. For detailed pricing information, please visit our pricing page.

How are payments made?

Once you have signed up for a Stepes developer account, you simply need to add a payment method using a credit card, PayPal, or other supported payment method. Payments will be automatically charged to your account monthly, weekly, or daily depending on usage and cost amounts.

Do you offer different pricing models?

Yes. Stepes can provide a discount based on volume. Please contact Stepes sales at sales(at)stepes.com for more information.